D-ZOLV Ink Cleaner

D-ZOLV is reliable and very safe. Printers who use D-ZOLV rinse the diluted solution through their ink delivery system every single day. People that use D-ZOLV usually have a regular cleaning practice in place, and do not have any major difficulty cleaning their inks. D-ZOLV is soft metal safe and can be used on any sensitive surface in a Flexo facility.

PlatePro Photopolymer Plate Cleaner

AM-TECH’s PlatePro Photopolymer Plate Cleaner is intended to provide the modern Flexographer with a tool that safely and effectively removes water based inks from the surface of photopolymer printing plates. Using PlatePro enhances personnel safety, plate longevity and conservation of cleaning chemicals. AM-TECH’s PlatePro Photopolymer Plate Cleaner should be integrated into your process to improve photopolymer cleanliness and longevity.