FlexoPro Ink Cleaner

FlexoPro is a concentrated press wash but it comes in one part, not two. Flexo printers that have used Two Part Cleaners (Part A and B used with a diluter) will see the benefit of FlexoPro immediately. The chemical formulation is also different than all Two Part Cleaners. Not stronger or faster, but different. This uncommon formula makes all the difference for certain flexo printers.

V-12 Family of Ink Cleaners

The V-12 Family of products are strong. They are used by printers that have inks and coatings that are consistently difficult to remove. They are often used by printers who are not able to clean every day, and need a solution that can penetrate deeply and quickly. V-12 is a high pH product. V-12 TURBO is a high pH product with solvent added to speed up cleaning. V-12 TURBO low pH is the soft metal safe version of V-12 TURBO.