FlexoPro Ink Cleaner

Offensive Preventive Maintenance


Product Description

FlexoPro is a concentrated press wash but it comes in one part, not two. Flexo printers that have used Two Part Cleaners (Part A and B used with a diluter) will see the benefit of FlexoPro immediately. The chemical formulation is also different than all Two Part Cleaners. Not stronger or faster, but different. This uncommon formula makes all the difference for certain flexo printers.

Product Name FlexoPro Ink Cleaner
Appearance and Odor Green liquid, mild detergent characteristic odor
pH (Concentrate/1% Solution) (+/- 0.5) 11.7/11.0
VOCs None
Density 8.53 (lbs/gal)
Flashpoint None
Foaming Properties Moderate to Low
  • Ceramic and chrome anilox rolls
  • Photopolymer plates
  • Rubber rollers
  • Press frames and interior components
  • Ink pumps and their drain systems
  • All areas of your printing environment
    FlexoPro is available in these sizes and configurations.

  • Kit containing 2 x 2 gal. containers of concentrate
  • 55 and 30 gallon drums of concentrate
  • 12 x 64 ounce bottle cases