Company and Brand

Flexo and Only Flexo

AM-TECH designs, manufactures and sells the highest quality Flexographic Ink Dissolvers made anywhere. For over 30 years, our full focus has been dedicated to the service of Flexographic Printers, and to the constant invention and improvement of Ink Dissolver formulations. There isn't another chemical manufacturer on the planet that can make that claim. NOT ONE!

We will provide Flexographic cleaners and services of superior quality and value, that permanently improve print consistency and print quality. In doing this AM-TECH improves the efficiency of the world’s Flexographic Printers now and for generations to come. We value mastery in the Flexographic Printing process and believe it is our responsibility to continually develop our company and products for the benefit of our customers. The Flexographic printing process is full of variables, constant change and new challenges. AM-TECH's contribution to that process: stability.