209 Flexo Wash

An American Tradition.


Product Description

209 Flexo Wash is the original powdered Flexographic cleaner. 209 Flexo Wash was AM-TECH's very first product and still our largest seller. People who use 209 are cost conscious, informed and "no nonsense" customers. They recognize that 209 powder is always less expensive than liquid cleaners for a single reason; 209 contains no water. Customers who are short on floor space are big users of 209 because each small pail makes over 500 gallons of cleaner. That is like buying and storing 9 x 55 gallon drums or 2 x totes. A small pail of 209 can be placed anywhere in plant and unlike many liquid cleaners, you DO NOT need diluting devices, drums, tubes or any equipment.

Product Name 209 Flexo Wash
Appearance and Odor Orange Powder, Mild Detergent Characteristic Odor
pH (Concentrate/1% Solution) (+/- 0.5) 11.3
Density 8.53 (lbs/gal)
Flashpoint None
Foaming Properties Moderate to Low
  • Ceramic and Chrome Anilox rolls
  • Rubber and photopolymer plates
  • Rubber Rollers
  • Press frames and interior components
  • Ink pumps and their drain systems
  • All areas of your Printing environment

209 Flexo Wash ships in 6 gallon plastic pails with easy to use tear tab lids.

    209 Flexo Wash is available in

  • Bulk Packaging
  • 8 oz. GHS Compliant Heat Sealed Labeled Bags
  • 5 lb. GHS Compliant Heat Sealed Labeled Bags

Each 6 gallon pail contains 50 Pounds of 209 Flexo Wash. 50 pounds of 209 Flexo Wash makes 10x55 gallon drums of ready to use cleaner.