209 Flexo Wash

209 Flexo Wash is the original powdered Flexographic cleaner. 209 Flexo Wash was AM-TECH’s very first product and still our largest seller. People who use 209 are cost conscious, informed and “no nonsense” customers. They recognize that 209 powder is always less expensive than liquid cleaners for a single reason; 209 contains no water. Customers who are short on floor space are big users of 209 because each small pail makes over 500 gallons of cleaner. That is like buying and storing 9 x 55 gallon drums or 2 x totes. A small pail of 209 can be placed anywhere in plant and unlike many liquid cleaners, you DO NOT need diluting devices, drums, tubes or any equipment.

D-ZOLV Ink Cleaner

D-ZOLV is reliable and very safe. Printers who use D-ZOLV rinse the diluted solution through their ink delivery system every single day. People that use D-ZOLV usually have a regular cleaning practice in place, and do not have any major difficulty cleaning their inks. D-ZOLV is soft metal safe and can be used on any sensitive surface in a Flexo facility.

Miracle MUD Anilox Roll Deep Cleaner

Miracle MUD is a deep cleaner for ceramic anilox rolls. MUD is applied by hand by people who don’t have the time, budget or desire to blast their rolls. MUD contains two components, a liquid cleaner and a scrubbing compound. It is often used when people can’t remove their rolls from press. Narrow web printers use MUD to do an entire deep cleaning of anilox cells on press, fast.

PlatePro Photopolymer Plate Cleaner

AM-TECH’s PlatePro Photopolymer Plate Cleaner is intended to provide the modern Flexographer with a tool that safely and effectively removes water based inks from the surface of photopolymer printing plates. Using PlatePro enhances personnel safety, plate longevity and conservation of cleaning chemicals. AM-TECH’s PlatePro Photopolymer Plate Cleaner should be integrated into your process to improve photopolymer cleanliness and longevity.

Ultrasonic #9 Ink Cleaner

Ultrasonic #9 is a concentrated high pH anilox cleaner that is used in ultrasonic cleaning tanks. Ultrasonic cleaners are very expensive, but Ultrasonic #9 is not. The chemistry is simple and effective. Ultrasonic #9 is used by flexo printers that have already invested in an ultrasonic cleaning tank, and understand that keeping the associated chemical costs low is very important.

V-12 Family of Ink Cleaners

The V-12 Family of products are strong. They are used by printers that have inks and coatings that are consistently difficult to remove. They are often used by printers who are not able to clean every day, and need a solution that can penetrate deeply and quickly. V-12 is a high pH product. V-12 TURBO is a high pH product with solvent added to speed up cleaning. V-12 TURBO low pH is the soft metal safe version of V-12 TURBO.