Anilox Magic Gelled Anilox Roll Cleaner

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Product Description

Anilox Magic is a deep cleaner for ceramic anilox rolls. It has a very high pH and digs deep into cells. Anilox Magic has the consistency of maple syrup. Customer that use it, like the fact that it can be spread or painted on, and it will cling. It does not clean as deeply AM-TECH's Miracle MUD Deep Anilox Cleaner because it does not have scrubbing compound in it. It is however, easier to use.

Product Name Anilox Magic Gelled Anilox Roll Cleaner
Appearance and Odor Clear viscous liquid, mild detergent odor
pH (Concentrate/1% Solution) (+/- 0.5) 13.1
Density 9.31 (lbs/gal)
Flashpoint None
Foaming Properties Moderate to Low

Anilox Magic is appropriate for use on narrow and wide web anilox rolls up to 1000 line screen. Just a thin layer of Anilox Magic allowed to rest on the surface of the Ceramic Anilox Roll penetrates down to the bottom of the cells, rewets, and pulls ink out. Using Anilox Magic is good offensive and defensive Preventative Maintenance.

    Anilox Magic may be purchased in:

  • 12x1 one quart cases
  • five gallon pails