D-ZOLV Ink Cleaner

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Product Description

D-ZOLV is reliable and very safe. Printers who use D-ZOLV rinse the diluted solution through their ink delivery system every single day. People that use D-ZOLV usually have a regular cleaning practice in place, and do not have any major difficulty cleaning their inks. D-ZOLV is soft metal safe and can be used on any sensitive surface in a Flexo facility.

Product Name D-ZOLV Ink Cleaner
Appearance and Odor Green Liquid, Mild Detergent Characteristic Odor
pH (Concentrate/1% Solution) (+/- 0.5) 11.7/11.0
Density 8.53 (lbs/gal)
Flashpoint None
Foaming Properties Moderate to Low
  • Ceramic and Chrome Anilox rolls
  • Rubber and photopolymer plates
  • Rubber Rollers
  • Press frames and interior components
  • Ink pumps and their drain systems
  • All areas of your Printing environment

D-ZOLV is a Two-Part Cleaner. D-ZOLV is an ultra-concentrated chemical and contains almost no water. A Full Kit of D-ZOLV contains 1 box of D-ZOLV PART A (5 gallons) and 1 box D-ZOLV Part B. (5 gallons). Part A and Part B are mixed with water at your Flexographic Printing Facility in standard container sizes (5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon tote bins).