Anilox Magic Gelled Anilox Roll Cleaner

Anilox Magic is a deep cleaner for ceramic anilox rolls. It has a very high pH and digs deep into cells. Anilox Magic has the consistency of maple syrup. Customer that use it, like the fact that it can be spread or painted on, and it will cling. It does not clean as deeply AM-TECH’s Miracle MUD Deep Anilox Cleaner because it does not have scrubbing compound in it. It is however, easier to use.

Miracle MUD Anilox Roll Deep Cleaner

Miracle MUD is a deep cleaner for ceramic anilox rolls. MUD is applied by hand by people who don’t have the time, budget or desire to blast their rolls. MUD contains two components, a liquid cleaner and a scrubbing compound. It is often used when people can’t remove their rolls from press. Narrow web printers use MUD to do an entire deep cleaning of anilox cells on press, fast.