20 Questions and 20 Answers

  1. Current Vendor: Why Is AM-TECH a better choice than the vendor I have now? In a word, "Focus". AM-TECH's sole focus has been on the Flexographic Printing Industry for over 30 years. We don't make general cleaners, glass cleaners, washroom cleaners etc... We make Flexographic Ink Dissolvers. Ask your current vendor what products they sell. Then ask yourself if you have partnered with the right company.
  2. In The Company Of Your Peers: Who else uses AM-TECH Ink Dissolvers? AM-TECH Ink Dissolvers are used by every major American Flexographer. Our marquee customers include Temple Inland, Rock Tenn, International Paper, Packaging Corporation of America and U.S. Corrugated. AM-TECH is also the defined service leader to mid-sized label and box manufacturers. Ask us which Flexographers we service in your area. We'd love to provide you with our solid references.
  3. The Am-Tech Difference: How are AM-TECH Products different from what I am using now? AM-TECH's formulations are designed by "Intelligent Performance". Other ink cleaners are most often a degreaser in disguise. Degreasers use high pH corrosive ingredients to break and simply wash soils away. AM-TECH's "Intelligent Performance" employs the use of proprietary surfactant systems, that actually target and dissolve the individual components of dried ink. AM-TECH's formulations attack ink to their very core via brains, not brawn.
  4. Quality: What sort of quality control does AM-TECH have concerning the raw materials that go into their formulations? AM-TECH's quality control procedure centers around 7 individual processes. First, all of our raw materials are procured from ISO 9000 approved sources. Each time a batch is set for production, a batch printout for product formulations is produced and retained. Then, the ingredient specifications check list is verified. When production begins, a specific manufacturing procedure is always followed. During production, an in-process record keeping log is maintained. Finally, packaging, labeling and warehousing instructions are followed before shipping occurs. Batch retain samples are also taken and cataloged to trace any potential defect.
  5. Safety: A sample is one thing, but how can I be sure AM-TECH ink dissolvers are safe for me to use over the long run? Personnel and Flexographic equipment safety is our very first priority when designing our Ink Dissolvers. We are aware that our formulas are used on presses that have chemical sensitive components. We are aware that our formulas are used on expensive and sensitive photopolymer plates. Our formulations are designed not only to maintain these important parts, but to prolong their life. When you make the switch to AM-TECH, you can be absolutely sure you're using the proper formulation for the job.
  6. Skilled Service: Can AM-TECH provide expert, up-to-date knowledge about the Flexographic Printing Industry and new chemistry? Every AM-TECH service representative is highly trained and extremely knowledgeable about the capabilities and proper use of all of our formulas. The average experience of your AM-TECH representative is no less than 16 years in the Flexographic Printing industry. We are not only on the cutting edge of chemical technological advances; we are in most cases the leader.
  7. Your Problems Are Solved: I'm not just looking for a better Ink Dissolver, I want a vendor that has solutions to the problems I face on a day to day basis in my Flexographic Printing Facility. Is AM-TECH the vendor for me? No other company is more familiar with your business processes than AM-TECH. With over 30 years of experience in Flexography, we have gained unbelievable knowledge, and have logical solutions to the issues you face on a daily basis. Our network of suppliers, customers and industry peers helps AM-TECH provide a priceless resource to the Flexographers we service. Let us serve you beyond your press maintenance needs.
  8. Co-Workers And Managers: I have to present AM-TECH to my crews and managers. What info can I present to them? How can I make sure we are all on the same page? How can I be sure my decision to go with AM-TECH will be a positive one? We all have different job responsibilities. You rely on your Pressmen to keep the machines up and running. Production Managers, may spend less time on the floor, but are in constant connection with each job. AM-TECH provides tailored training programs for Pressmen that involve on-machine guidance, web meeting accessibility, and instant telephone support. AM-TECH provides Production and Plant Managers with detailed chemical analysis including usage reports, best practice guidance as well as on-site, telephone and web meeting accessibility.
  9. Service Availability: I've had enough of voicemail and automated responses. I want to know that a real person is available when I have a question or need help. Are there multiple ways for me to contact a knowledgeable representative including phone, email, fax, and live chat? Can I have home and cell phone numbers too? An AM-TECH representative is available to our customers at any time of the day or night. The presses don't stop running at 5 O'clock and neither does AM-TECH. We are aware that many of our customers run 3 shifts and need technical assistance at a moment's notice. Our support staff is "Live". What is true "Live Support"? To start with, you will never encounter a voice mail system at AM-TECH. A qualified representative always answers the phone. If your personal representative is not available, your request is immediately handled by a member of our management team that have exclusive access to the information or product you need. If you prefer to communicate via computer, email requests are processed with a response time of 20 minutes. Personalized Web Meetings and 24/7Live Chat are also offered to provide clear, and immediate information on the go.
  10. Packaging And Shipping: How will my AM-TECH ink dissolvers arrive at my door. How are they packaged? Your AM-TECH Ink Dissolver is highly concentrated. Whether you use our powder or liquid formulations, you can be sure you are getting pure active material. Our formulas are safely packaged in 6 Gallon UN plastic pails, or a DOT approved "5U" (5 gallon Unit) container. You can rest easy knowing that our products are labeled and packaged according to the guidelines of 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) when appropriate. Our standard methods of shipment are UPS and common carrier truck. If your company has a relationship with a specific trucker, we will ship via your carrier.
  11. Urgency: What is the big deal? Why is it important to get started with AM-TECH A.S.A.P? Getting started with your new AM-TECH Water Based Ink Dissolvers right away is important for 3 reasons: First even if you are not ready to replenish your current supply, it is a good idea to work side by side with your current cleaner to further your evaluation. Second: Using your current cleaner along side an AM-TECH Ink Dissolver is a good way to ease your crews into a change for the better. Third: Immediately stop paying bills to another middle man, when you can purchase directly from a manufacturer right now.
  12. EXTRAS: Am I going to be charged for every single piece of equipment I need to use and dispense my ink dissolvers? No! We do not charge our customers for the containers and equipment they NEED to use our Ink Dissolvers. Everything and anything you need from drums, empty five gallon mix pails, labeled bottles, trigger sprayers, diluters and replacement hoses are given to our customers at no charge upon request.
  13. Price: How will I be billed for my press-wash usage? Why are AM-TECH formulations priced so competitively? We hear a lot of scary stories about Flexographers getting billed separately for each component of their two-part cleaning systems, or charged by the gallon and billed for their own water; right there in plant! If you purchase AM-TECH powdered formulations you are billed by the pound, Two-Part ‘Kits" are billed as one single unit and all other liquid formulations are billed by container size PERIOD.
  14. Flexo Formulations: What does it mean that AM-TECH formulations are "TRUE" Flexographic Formulations? A true Flexographic formulation is one that is designed from the ground up with raw materials known to enhance print quality and remove water-based inks without compromising the safety of Flexographic Printing equipment. Most "Ink Dissolvers" on the market today were formulated as general cleaners or degreasers first... then, modified for use in Flexo Printing Facilities later.
  15. Exclusive To Flexography: Why is exclusive service to Flexographers such a big deal? Exclusive service to the Flexographic Printing Industry effects everything from formulation quality, to our competitive pricing as well as our ability to serve our customers promptly, efficiently and at a level of competency unmatched by general maintenance supply companies.
  16. Experience: How long has AM-TECH been serving the Flexographic Printing Industry? AM-TECH has been in exclusive service to the Flexographic Printing Industry for over 30 years. We are the longest operating supplier of Flexographic Water-Based Ink Dissolvers in the world. We formulated the very first cleaner specifically designed for use on Flexographic Printing Equipment.
  17. Trust: Why should I trust AM-TECH? I've been burned by press-wash vendors in the past. We understand fully that your trust is something we must earn over time. However, we hope that our 30 years of exclusive service to Flexography will instill enough confidence in you to begin integrating our formulations into your preventative maintenance program quickly so that we can prove ourselves to you in a wide-ranging business relationship.
  18. Sustainable Formulations: Can AM-TECH supply me with environmentally responsible formulations? Which environmental certifications do AM-TECH Water-Based Ink Dissolvers carry? AM-TECH is a 2011 Nominee for the FTAs Environmental Excellence Award and is recognized by the EPA as an environmental leader for our use of safer surfactants through the Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative. All AM-TECH formulations adhere to DfEs standards for safer cleaning products. You can rely on Am-Tech to help maintain an environmental balance that allows for sustainable and superior chemical performance, in real world applications like yours.
  19. Risk Free: How do I know I'm not going to be stuck with a bunch of cleaner I don't like and can't use when I receive my first order? We encourage you to request your first order as a fully guaranteed purchase.This is the safest, worry-free way to work with your new AM-TECH water-based ink dissolver. In fact, every single order you place with AM-TECH is 100% Guaranteed. That means, if you don't like or can't use a product you have purchased.. YOU DON'T PAY FOR IT. We will arrange to have the product removed from your facility A.S.A.P. and will begin the process of finding you a formulation that better suits your needs.
  20. THE TRUTH? George Washington said... "Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light." Through thick and thin, good times and bad for over 30 years the Truth has sustained us and given AM-TECH the reputation amongst Flexographers as the most reputable supplier of Water-Based Ink Dissolvers in the World. It would be our pleasure to demonstrate that integrity to you.

Thank you!