Ultrasonic Cleaning

It is essential to match the correct ultrasonic solution to the cleaning task. Only use cleaners specifically formulated to remove water-based inks under the pressure of ultrasonic-cavitation. This will ensure that the balance of chemical and physical cleaning action is stable! There are several factors to be understood in order to optimize both cleaning, economy and effectiveness: time, temperature and dilution ratio of the solution, combined with an understanding of the ink system!

Recommended Time in Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • 360-line screen rolls and below: 20 minutes
  • 380-440 line screen rolls: 15 minutes
  • 460 - 660 line screen rolls: 10 minutes
  • 680 - 800 line screen rolls: 3 minutes

WARNING: Excessive exposure time can cause cell damage!

Deep cleaning of the anilox roll's cells occurs when sound waves/ energy, created by ultrasonic transducers, produce microscopic cavitation bubbles. These bubbles implode in the cells and force the ink out.

The combination of temperature, the appropriate cleaner, and cavitation effectively lift the dried ink off the roll.